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(Redirecionado de 2011)
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Wikimedia Brasil presents to you its... 2011 chapter report!




Presentation of Kul Takanao Wadhwa at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
Presentation of Kul Takanao Wadhwa at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

As part of Wikipedia 10th aniversary the brazilian volunteer comunity organized several events:

17 to 21
Workshop at Campus Party in São Paulo.
Wikimedia Foundation' Global Development Manager Jessie Wild meeting at University of São Paulo hosted by USP teacher Ewout ter Haar;
Volunteer Meeting with IBMec/DF - talking about Intersection project.
Wikimedia Foundation's Head of Mobile and Business Development Kul Takanao Wadhwa presentation at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in Brasília
Brazilian volunteer Nevio, Wikimedia Foundation' Global Development Manager Jessie Wild and Wikimedia Foundation's Head of Mobile and Business Development Kul Wadhwa meeting with Education Ministry Distant Learning Board
Wikimedia Foundation' Global Development Manager Jessie Wild presentation at Strategic Planning Secretary's Advanced Research Economic Institute of Brazilian Governement sponsored by Knowledge Management Brazilian Society
Brazilian volunteers Nevio and Castelo Branco, Jessie Wild, Wikimedia Foundation' Global Development Manager and Kul Wadhwa, Wikimedia Foundation's Head of Mobile and Business Development informal Meeting with Culture Ministry ans Justice Ministry representatives


Meeting with Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets - IBMEC (Intersection project)
Discusion about Wikimedia Foundation advertising materials has started
Meting with Childre's Natural Development Institutel - INDI (Mutirão Wiki at schools)


Mutirão Wiki at schools meeting with Administration Director and learning Coordination of Children Naturally Development Institute in Brasília (DF) for discussion about Wikipedia classes usage.
Collaborative Inteligence: Wiki X Freak in SESC Ribeirão Preto (SP).
Acesso a Informação: Recursos Digitais, Disseminação de Conhecimento e Valorização do Conteúdo Local, Auditório do Centro de Convenções da UNICAMP


dia 19
Meeting with Coordinator of Distance Education of the Supreme Court. Story: active learning, and the Ambassador Program




Volunteer Rautopia organized and Solstag participated in the event "Como as redes podem mudar o mundo" (How networks can change the world) at the community education center A-SOL, in the city of Guarulhos, state of São Paulo.

Wikimania 2011


Eight Brazilian participants, seven now envolved with Wikimedia Brasil. Wikimania was pretty important to WMBR in diver points:

  • In there find themselves defenders of the Mutirões system and the supporters of legalization. In there the representatives of each system get in Consensus for the legalization of a chapter which will give support and assistance to Mutirões volunteers, besides dealing with the bureaucracy.
  • Talked with many people and found new contacts.
  • Better alignment with the Wikimedia Foundation, organizing the functions of the National Program Director and the future chapter.

CulturaDigital.Br festival


The biggest event of digital culture in Latin America had 5 volunteers from Wikimedia Brasil, two of them with grants from the WMF.

At Festival Cultura Digital Br/2011 there is a thorough description of the event and activities, in Portuguese.

I GP Wikimedia Brasil


Wikimedia Brasil was asked an articles list to a Wikipedia Offiline version. Considering a good part of ptwiki articles have a non-acceptable quality, the community had to find a way to choose a list of important & good quality articles, at the same time. Idealized at Wikimania 2011, it's a solution to improve the worst articles quality. Invented a complex method, including articles avaliation by bots, pontuation by articles upgrade - authomatic avaliation-based. As premiations Wikimedia Brasil choosen some useful stuff, like pendrives, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. which give publicity to WMBR and Wikipedia too.

Consensus for the formalization of Wikimedia Brasil


Before Wikimania 2011, Wikimedia Brasil was split between those who supported action through mutirões, without an exclusive corporation, and those who felt that there would be some use to have a corporation exclusively to the Wikimedia Movement in Brazil. They were never antagonistic, but had not yet found a common ground. After numerous virtual discussions, by the time Wikimania was taking place the community moved towards a consensus about the creation of a minimal-chapter, whose primary function will be to support volunteers organized in Mutirões. Currently, part of the community is working unopposed towards creating this corporation.

Relation WMF and WMBR


Wikimedia Brasil finally reached a consensus about the creation of a formal chapter at Wikimania 2011, however, was received a notice at the same event saying Wikimedia Foundation will build a office in Brazil. The brazilian community got worried with this information, and it was subject for several meetings WMF-WMBR. Wikimedia Brasil thought the Foundation's office may replace the local chapter position. In these meetings (see meetings above) Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Brasil reached a consensus about a chapter-office system, which none of them take the place of another, and even working side-by-side, being complementary. With this deal, Wikimedia Brasil has contact with Wikimedia Foundation and reached a consensus of the disagreements of the last years (see last chapter reports).

See also: Brazilian letter to Wikimedia Foundation


First day meeting in Digital Culture house, Sao Paulo
With Wikimedia Foundation

There were three meetings with Wikimedia Foundation in 2011:

  1. The first ocurred in Haifa, Wikimania 2011. This meeting had as its main topic the "Wikimedia Foundation Brazilian office versus chapter in formation". The notice about the Brazilian WMF office was very shocking to Wikimedia Brasil, because finally the community got in consensus about legalization. Anyway, WMF explained that the office would not influence the legal chapter and it even would work together.
  2. The second occured in Rio de Janeiro, UNIRIO, with Juliana. It was completely focused in Campus Ambassadors Brazil, with the UNIRIO Ambassador - History professor - Juliana.
  3. The third was in São Paulo, for two days. Discussions about a lot of topics, but mainly about the community, its statistics and how Wikimedia Brasil could improve the entry of new editors. In this meeting points of the chapter in formation was decided too.
Online meetings

There were several online meetings, mainly about statute and I GP Wikimedia Brasil. Also there were meetings to determine some activities, like WMBR communication and GLAM.



Wikimedia Brasil is planning a chapter which primarly function is give support and assistance to volunteers, who do autonomous and team work with the financial and structural chapter relief. It's not a chapter-based organization, as happens in the another ones, but a volunteer-based, where the chapter is only a help satellite.

The Brazilian chapter will work in a seven program based system, which are:

Any project/mutirão must be adopted by one or more programs. Each program will have its own team, and will work semi-independently, regulated and with support and assistance of the WMBR board, by the Wikimedia Brasil Administration.

Future perspectives


The formalization of Brazilian chapter is scheduled for the first trimester of 2012. As well, within the formal chapter we have some events at the 2012 calendar, mainly the Iberocoop. With the formalization, new possibilities of partnerships will be open (including with the government), new projects could be made. The new organization will accelerate and make more efficient and effective the planned activities.