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Wikimedia Brasil, presents you its... 2010 second semester Report!



National Council of Justice (CNJ)

Presentation about the Wikimedia Movement for the National Council of Justice (CNJ)

At the invitation of the Coordination of Personnel Development of the CNJ, volunteers, Névio and Castelo Branco, made a presentation on July 1. The topics of this event are:

  • contextualizing: IBM PC / Windows to Web 2.0;
  • the concept of Wiki, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation;
  • Mediawiki software;
  • E-learning-based wiki.

National Week of Science and Technology

Lecture and workshop at the Third National Week of Science and Technology, conducted by the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Sao Paulo - Guarulhos Campus, along with the a A-Sol.
All projects of the Wikimedia Movement, were presented by volunteer Rautopia were also addressed issues such as free license. The lecture also brought the discussion to the social, educational, mutirões and volunteer work; since we're talking about Wikimedia Brazil. The target audience consists of students, teachers, researchers, professionals and the community of the city of Guarulhos.
Rautopia lecturing

Fórum da Cultura Digital Brasileira

Presentations at the Brazilian Digital Culture Forum.

On the 16th, volunteer Abdo, spoke about the Wikiversity, the talk lasted an hour. The next day, he participated on the discussion of the Open Educational Resources, showing the vision of the Wiki.


Participation in the INDI Mix

INDI is a Child Natural Development Institute, participation of volunteer Nevio, who took his Friday poetry.



The Brazilian community was mobilized to help with translations.

Campus Party 2011


We participate in the Campus Party together with the Wikimedia Foundation, we had a space for the inside the stand of Vivo, we did some recordings with the participants of the event, asking about the projects of the Wikimedia movement.


Jimbo in Brasil
WikiRio 4.0