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Iberoconf 2012


Wikimedia Chile hosted the second Iberoconf, the annual meeting of Iberocoop chapters and working groups, from June 1 to June 3, 2012. Wikimedia Brasil attended this event for the second time and the appointed volunteers were CasteloBranco and Vinicius Siqueira (also Oona Castro from WMF). We had the chance to share experience and discuss many subjects with our fellows: the chapters' status, Iberocoop's structure, communications, education programs, native languages, GLAM, WLM, resources & accountability etc. In Santiago, Wikimedia Brasil emphasized its commitment with making decisions always in an open way, avoiding the most all kind of restriction and dispensable regulation. Wikimedia Brasil felt specially benefited from the experience shared on social media resources management, Wiki Loves Monuments, native languages projects, and education programs. About this latter we could get in touch with different projects from that developed in Brazil, where the universities are the target. We learned that is possible to work with elementary and high school as some of our colleagues do. As three members of Affiliations Committee were also attending Iberoconf, we could discuss some points on our bylaws that were confronted. All of them were rewritten after the meeting and the bylaws were sent again to AffCom.

After all we should say that we spent a very good time with our Latin brothers.

The full report can be found here, in Portuguese.

Wikimania 2012


WikiBrasil 2012




WikiRio 8.0

WikiRio 8.0

On March 8th the greater meeting of wikimedians in Rio de Janeiro gathered almost 20 people to discuss their experience on editing Wikipedia. Here we had the distinguished presence of Wikimedia Foundation staff: Maryana Pinchuk, Steven Walling, Victor Grigas, Megan Hernandez, and Oona Castro.

WikiRio 9.0


A very pleasant talk took place in Rio de Janeiro, on August 13rd. Enjoying an amazing landscape we could chat with Frank Schulenburg about many topics on Wikipedia Education Program and beyond.