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Rua Lisboa, nº 974 - Pinheiros, São Paulo

WikiCon is a Wikimedia conference aimed at bringing together and strengthening Wikimedia communities. In 2022, Brazil will host the first WikiCon held by and for the Brazilian community. We hope that the event will be a platform to connect and consolidate bonds between our multifaceted community through discussion circles, workshops and learning sharing.

Our goal is to strengthen the Brazilian community spread across the country and support the dissemination of Wikimedia Foundation projects in the country. We believe that local cooperation and a national vision are necessary at this particular moment in which the community finds itself. We intend to continue to discuss strategies aligned with Movement Strategy 2030, among other relevant topics, such as community diversity and sustainability.

We hope not only to bring together the Wikimedia community in its broadest sense, especially people and organizations that are already involved in Wikimedia projects, but also to reach organizations that may be interested in knowing and contributing in various ways to the evolution of the Brazilian community.


The WikiCon Brasil 2022: Wikimedia against misinformation will be held at the headquarters of Goethe-Institut São Paulo, located at Rua Lisboa, number 974 - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo.

The Goethe-Institut São Paulo is a supporter of the conference and will provide us with a pleasant and cozy environment so that we can get to know each other, connect and re-encounter the Brazilian Wikimedia community.

The space has all the necessary infrastructure for the conference, such as rooms for workshops and discussions, and an auditorium for lectures. The entire space is accessible and adapted to the health protocols against COVID-19. In addition, it has a beautiful garden and open space for participants to rest and socialize.


The WikiCon Brasil 2022: Wikimedia against misinformation is being organized by Wiki Movimento Brasil. Below you will find the name and contact details of the organizing team members, as well as the list of committee members. Questions and informations:


Executive Coordination: Chicocvenancio, Hedestad, Ixocactus.
Diversity Committee: Chicocvenancio, EricaAzzellini, Friduxa, Geisasantos, GiFontenelle, Ixocactus.
Programming Committee: Chicocvenancio, EricaAzzellini, Flávia Varella, Friduxa, Stephanie Lima
Scholarship Committee: ACheJu, Hedestad, HTPF, Lilian Viana, Sturm

Equipe organizadora

Project Coordination: João Alexandre Peschanski (WMF liaison)
Programming: Érica Azzellini
Production and Administration: Amanda Chevtchouk Jurno, Célio Costa Filho, Hermógenes Teixeira Pinto Filho, Miréia Arruda Figueiredo, Thaissa Lamha
Communication: Carlise Borges, Fábio Munhoz

Visual Identity

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Releases and Media Impact

Release WikiCon Brasil 2022 (see it here).