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WikiCon Brasil 2022

Date: July 23 and 24, 2022.

Local: Goethe-Institut São Paulo. Rua Lisboa, 974 - Pinheiros, 05413-001, São Paulo - SP.

Audience: up to 100 people.

Space with accessibility.

Mandatory use of mask and presentation of Vaccination Card against COVID-19.

Subscriptions ended.

Telegram: @wikiconbrasil2022

Welcome all to the WikiCon Brasil 2022: Wikimedia against misinformation page, the first conference held by and for the Brazilian community. WikiCon Brasil 2022 will be held on the 23rd and 24th of July, in the city of São Paulo, and we hope to have your presence!

On this page you will find all the important information to be part of this unprecedented event. In case you miss any information, our contacts are in the "About" section. You can also write an email to

In recent years, Brazil and the world have been suffering from misinformation: misleading, fabricated, exaggerated, manipulated or false content circulates on the internet, aimed at obtaining financial or political gains. Threat to free knowledge, the circulation of false information threatens the strengthening of reliable communication in the political and social spheres. Due to its relevance, it was the chosen topic for the first conference of the Brazilian Wikimedia community.

The fight against misinformation is not new to the Wikimedia movement. Volunteers produce quality information and monitor the most sensitive pages to ensure that their content is always correct, checking that sources are reliable and verifying edits.

Our community seeks to increase the number of editors and the quality of information on Wikimedia projects. The more people who contribute positively, the greater the ripple effect of reliable information on the internet.

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