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Research on Wikipedia mobile access ran by foundation members in 2011. Members of research group were received in my house to talk about editing interests, volunteer profile, suggestions on antivandalism improvements using mobile technology.
March 2012

w:pt:Wikipédia:Encontros/WikiNatal 1.0

Meeting of Wikimedians from Northeast of Brazil and Wikimedia Foundation members on their visit to different cities of Brazil to get to know Brazilian community, share ideas and future projects.
May 2012
First meeting in Salvador
Probably, the first registered Wikimedians meeting in Salvador. It is always nice to talk about Wikipedia.
July 2013

w:pt:Wikipédia:Encontros/WikiSalvador 3.0

Meeting of three wikipedians on bookstore in Salvador. It was discussed internal issues of Wikipedia, like how improve reception of newcomers (with mentions to VisualEditor, but also refering to how community users are approaching new users), CAPTCHA problems and alternatives. It was raised the possibility of participation on ENECOMP (see below) and other topics like free software and Wikipedia on universities.
September 2013
ENECOMP 2013 - Hackeando a Wikipédia - 2º dia.jpg

Congresso Nacional dos Estudantes de Computação/2013/Relato

Members of Wikimedia Brasil movement were invited to join the Nacional Conference of Computer science (ENECOMP) and help students of this area to learn about Wikipedia and how they can use their knowledge to help the project.

It was divided into two parts. First parts was a conversation between participants with the help of a presentation (see slide) with the basics of Wikipedia. Participants could commment and make questions openly. Second part was left to practice editing and have first contact with interface by creating account and editing test pages.
January 2014
Colaboradores da OpenStreetMap Mapping Party e do Wikiday.JPG


It was the first Mapping Party in Salvador that happened together with the Wikiday. Users uploaded pictures of the city of Salvador on Commons and edited them on OpenStreetMap.

Reports: OpenStreetMap, Software Livre Brasil.
March 2014
Wikimaratona em Brasília II.jpg

IV Mostra Nacional de Experiências em Atenção Básica e Saúde da Família

Members of Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil were invited to join the IV Mostra Nacional de Experiências em Atenção Básica e Saúde da Família and help teachers, students, health care workers in general to learn about Wikipedia and how they can use their knowledge to help the project and share with their pairs.

See also: Pictures of the event.

March 2014
WikiBrasília 2.jpg

w:pt:Wikipédia:Encontros/WikiBrasília 2

Meeting with a few editors from Brasilia, one day after previous event (above).

July 2014
Consulta 2014 sobre como fortalecer a Wikimedia no Brasil, São Paulo 01.jpg

Details of event on Meta

Meeting in Sao Paulo with members of Ação Educativa and community to discuss the progress and future of the Brazil Catalyst Project.

See also: Pictures of the event.

August 2014
Wikimania Steward meetup 2014.jpg

Wikimania London!

August 2014
Final foto Sao Paulo.JPG

Futuro da Wikimedia no Brasil