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Wikibrasil - mutirões for free knowledge is a movement of enthusiasts of the collaborative production of free knowledge in Brasil.

Wikimedia Brasil is the soon-to-be chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in Brasil, which acts and supports itself on these mutirões.

Mutirão (pl. mutirões) is the Portuguese language word for any self-assigned task force of socially motivated volunteers.

Our objective is to contribute to a world in which every single individual can freely share in the sum of all knowledge, fostering the use, accessibility, production, improvement and sharing of free knowledge, through the voluntary participation in initiatives in Brazil.

The movement originated among Brazilian contributors to the Wikimedia projects inpired by its vision and soon embraced volunteers of its own and from other initiatives.

Through a model of autonomous participation which we call mutirões, we take on activities that extend the Wikimedia projects, including public outreach, press support, wiki workshops, presentations in events, education on collaboration and free licenses.

It is open to the participation of anyone who adheres to the Statement of Principles for mutirões for free knowledge.

Contact us by leaving a message on the discussion page!

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Presentation for the chapters meeting 2009

Chapter Report 2008-2009

Statement of Principles