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Collaborative efforts for free knowledge

The vision of a world in which every single individual can freely share in the sum of all knowledge inspires the creation of collaborative efforts which recognize collaborative production as a tool and the freedom of knowledge as a requirement to realize that vision.

1. On the Adherence to these collaborative efforts[editar]

Membership, though tacit, to this Statement of Principles is a condition to participate as a volunteer in these collaborative efforts.

2. On the Values of these collaborative efforts[editar]

Volunteers in these collaborative efforts share the following values:

  1. The dream of union takes precedence over the initiative to avert;
  2. The gesture of sharing takes precedence over the interest in appropriating;
  3. The freedom to create takes precedence over the possibility of control;
  4. The will to listen takes precedence over the act of speaking;
  5. The challenge of understanding takes precedence over the opportunity to criticize.

3. On the Principles adopted by these collaborative efforts[editar]

These collaborative efforts adopt and respect the following principles:

3.1 Freedom[editar]

To use, to modify, to copy and to distribute forms of knowledge.

3.2 Accessibility and quality[editar]

So that everyone can contribute to and benefit from knowledge.

3.3 Openness and autonomy[editar]

Of participation to everyone who adopts this Statement of Principles, condition both necessary and sufficient.

3.4 Independence[editar]

In its relationships, including financial, whether they are with institutions, groups or individuals.

3.5 Transparency[editar]

Total, unconditional, permanent, objective and facilitated.

4. On these collaborative efforts[editar]

The volunteers of these collaborative efforts shall:

Organize open spaces to debate, to design proposals, to articulate actions and exchange experiences among volunteers interested in supporting initiatives that promote collaborative productions of free knowledge serving the harmonious development of humanity.

Articulate with independence self-managed initiatives which can count on autonomous collaboration from volunteers and both public, private and civil society organizations.

Continuously engage and empower its volunteers on conducting initatives that promote collaborative productions of free knowledge in Brazil.

Always be open to the plurality and diversity of initiatives and actions from volunteers that act respectfully and in a civilized manner, but, above all, that believe in the good faith of the others, because this is a fundamental attitude in any collaborative environment.

4.1 Responsibilities[editar]

The volunteers and other parties in the initiatives of these collaborative efforts shall watch over:

Contributing for a world in which every single individual can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

Honoring the agreed commitments and only commit to what they're capable of accomplishing.

Identifying, discussing and acting on situations, present or potential, which disrespect the principles and values of this Statement.