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Texto original em inglês.

Objetivo da tarefa[editar]

The overall goal is to evaluate comfort of the candidates in interacting with the Brazilian Wikimedia community on issues that will simulate their future work. We want to see if candidates are:

  • Comfortable exposing their thinking and perspectives to the community in a transparent fashion without fear of being critiqued and/or fear of challenging a community member's POV in good faith
  • Able to engage with community members in an open dialogue that is mutually respectful
  • Able to draw insights from members of the community and synthesize these insights along with data into a useful summary and action plan
  • Comfortable having others contribute to and hack at their work product

In addition, the assignment is a great opportunity for the candidates to learn about us and see how the community works!

Evaluation points

We will evaluate how they engaged and whether they added value to the community's discussion process (by posing thoughtful questions, challenging assumptions, synthesizing discussions, change their mind based on the quality of arguments etc.).

Non-evaluation points

The assignment is NOT an evaluation of the answer that the candidates come up with. It is not reasonable to assume that they will get to a right answer on a tough question that we have been wrestling with for a long time.


Why isn't the Wikipedia in Portuguese editor community growing in Brazil and what are the priority areas to focus on to catalyze growth?

This is the core question of the catalyst work in Brazil and the biggest challenge the Brazil Director will face in his/her role. It is a very difficult question, but there is previous research to draw on and a community with deep perspectives to help.


The following outlines the process for the assignment:

  • Create Username: All candidates create an anonymous and neutral username that identifies them as candidates, but not who they really are to protect the confidentiality of the process. Jessie will reach out giving the candidates their usernames (they will be different elementary particle names).
  • Contact helper: All candidates will be assigned a Wikimedian helper to provide some basic wiki training for those who need it, guidance on the rules of engagement in our community, and can help address trolling (if it happens). The candidates should be proactive in reaching out to their "helper," but also cognizant that the helper is serving in a volunteer capacity and may not be constantly available. The "helper" will reach out to the candidate's talk page to initiate the first conversation.
  • Facilitate discussion: Candidates pose questions or thoughts on the assignment talk page to seed discussions to solicit information and promote discussion. They or community members might also post links to research or data that is useful and might seed additional discussion.
    • Candidates should be sure to consult the recommended resources and are encouraged to explore beyond that
    • Candidates should be free to reach out directly to community members' talk pages
  • Summarize recommendations: Each candidate will develop a separate page with their answers to the question, drawing insights from the main discussion page and other relevant research. Community members would be free to edit the proposals and comment on the talk pages.

Note: the assignment is to be completed in Portuguese.


12 Jan: Assignment opens
19 Jan: Assignment closes
20-21 Jan: Community comments on quality of work, both in terms of process and output (see "Objetivos"
24 Jan: Top candidate notified
30-31 Jan: Top candidate comes to San Francisco for office interviews



  • Candidates should use the resources available on the resource section, as well as any other information they can find!
  • Candidates should reach out to their assigned "helpers" and any other volunteers on-wiki.
  • Candidates should reach out on discussion pages on-wiki.
  • Candidates should NOT write to any mailing list and social media groups related to Wikimedia during this period.

Recommended resources[editar]

Pesquisas e dados sobre a Wikipédia e sobre o Brasil
Páginas na Wikipédia

Discussões sobre como atrair mais editores

Pesquisas e projetos da comunidade

Ideais do projeto e motivação

Edição de artigos

Relacionamento com usuários



Arquivo de discussões

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