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Wiki Movimento Brasil
User Group


This is Wiki Movimento Brasil User Group's wiki: a space dedicated to organizing activities and for sharing experiences related to Wikimedia projects. We are an editor association that since 2013 acts on education projects, knowledge dissemination, and free culture and critical thinking appreciation. We're the only Brazilian group officially recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation. Our network of partners includes universities and research centers, museums, archives, free knowledge initiatives and civil society organizations. Everyone is welcome to collaborate with Wikimedia projects in Portuguese!


There are several ways to contribute to Wikimedia projects and interact with the Lusophone community! Besides editing Wikipédia, you can get involved with Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, for example. Join us on Wiki Movimento Brasil's activities and get to know other ways to collaborate with Wikimedia projects!

If you need help with Wikimedia projects or if you have any coments and suggestions on activities developed on them, you can write on this wiki's Ágora. You can also get in touch directly with WMB through our official communication channels listed here.


Wikipédia de A a Z

Wikipédia de A a Z brochure revisited: an introduction to the Wikimedia universe and editing tutorials.

Autor: Wiki Movimento Brasil
Publication date: December 2020


Iniciativa Wikipédia Novo Museu do Ipiranga

Report on the Iniciativa Wikipédia Novo Museu do Ipiranga project, 2020

Autor: Wiki Movimento Brasil
Publication date: August 2020



Some Wiki Movimento Brasil members during an activity at Sesc Guarulhos


Como utilizar as imagens do Wikimedia Commons na Wikipédia is a tutorial produced by Wiki Movimento Brasil on how to add Wikimedia Commons files to Wikipedia entries. You can find more video tutorials here.

Education Program

If you are a student or professor who wants to know and use Wikimedia projects in the classroom, participate in our Wikimedia & Education Workshops (pt-br)! Be part of our network of educators and learn how to use these platforms as a pedagogical resource!

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums

GLAM-Wiki initiatives are partnerships with cultural institutions that provide part of their collections on Wikimedia platforms under free licenses. From the English acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, GLAM-Wikis are a powerful resource for digitally disseminating collections and making heritage accessible on the internet. Discover the Museu Paulista GLAM and browse other GLAM-Wiki partnerships held in Portuguese here.