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Wikimedia in Brasil


This is the wiki of the Wikimedia in Brazil user group: a place for organizing activities and to share experiences related to the Wikimedia projects. The purpose of this space is, therefore, to find ways to improve the Wikipedia and its sister projects contents, thus strengthening the Wikimedia movement; a movement that is formed by any persons who collaborate in a positive way for the projects: individuals, organizations or even companies.

In Brazil there is still no organization affiliated and recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation; organizations which are called chapters, but that did not stop the Brazilian community perform numerous activities on behalf of the various Wikimedia projects. There, amid this Brazilian organizational hiatus, the performance of the Brazil Catalyst Program, which seeks to catalyze and empower the community so that it can grow stronger and gain autonomy. Please contact the Brazilian community through the links below:


There are several ways to contribute to Wikimedia projects and get help for that. Most people expect help writing articles for Wikipedia, the most notorious of the projects. However, there are plenty of ways through which you can contribute. Think, for example, upload pictures of relevance in the Wikimedia Commons, a repository of images and other media files, or even translate some of the other featured articles on Wikipedia, as of Wikipedia in English, Spanish or French, for example .

If you really need help, you can try to get it in the Agora, on this wiki; in the Help desk and Main Help, both on Portuguese Wikipedia. You can try also find us using the social networks and IRC channels, accessing them through the presentation box in this same page.


Wikipedia Education Program Case Studies.pdf

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Case studies

Author: Liana DavisPublication: June 2012

Case Studies: How professors are teaching with Wikipedia

In this brochure, professors around the world will explain Wikipedia assignments they’ve used to meet learning objectives for their courses. They will also explain how they graded these assignments. These case studies can help you form a plan for how you can use Wikipedia as a teaching tool in your class.

Instructor Basics How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool.pdf

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Instructor basics

Author: Liana DavisPublication: November 2012

Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool

Many educators around the world have used Wikipedia as a teaching tool in their university classrooms as well. In this brochure, there are experiences to help you determine how to use Wikipedia in your classroom.


Integrantes do Wiki Movimento Brasil durante atividade no Sesc Guarulhos


¿Qué es Wikipedia? is a promotional video that aims to be an introduction to Wikipedia, prepared by Wikimedia Argentina
(in Spanish, with English subtitles)
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Education Program

If you are a student or teacher and would like to use any of the Wikimedia projects in the classroom, taking advantage of wikis as a teaching tool and at the same time contributing to the projects, click here and learn how it has happened in the Lusophone world.