Making some noise: The I GP Wikimedia Brasil experience

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Draft of the lecture which Mateus Nobre and Pietro Roveri want to lead at Wikimania 2012, talking about our experience organizing the I GP Wikimedia Brasil, the biggest contest ptwiki ever had.

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Making some noise: The I GP Wikimedia Brasil experience

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MetalBrasil 22h59min de 15 de fevereiro de 2012 (UTC)[responder]
Pietro Roveri

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MetalBrasil 22h59min de 15 de fevereiro de 2012 (UTC)[responder]
Pietro Roveri

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Wikimedia Brazil

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It was during Wikimania 2011, in a small restaurant in Haifa, when the news was announced: Wikimedia Brasil shall produce a offline version of Pt-wiki. A huge serial work, including selection, analysis, technical work, etc. After the laborious work of making the five thousand list for the oflline version, the Wikimedia Brasil team noticed the general bad quality of so important articles. We could not deliver the offline version in that situation.

Then, we aceepted the challenge and it was started. The organization of the concourse which must raise the quality of that long 5,000 list, in a small portion of time. And thus, came the biggest contest pt-wiki ever had. With almost two hundred participants, in an innovator system of userteams and using bots for automatic avaliation, the I GP Wikimedia Brasil has started, receiving even media attention from some of the biggest newspapapers at the whole country, like Estadão and O Diário de Pernambuco.

And now we want to share with you our experience. Our commitment is that should be a inspiring experience to you all, and you can be sucessful working with your community in competitions and improving articles from your homewiki. Join the brazilians!

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