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Carta enviada à Angela Beesley em 01/Maio/09


Hi Angela,

How are you doing? I talked to you in Berlin about a potential collaboration between Wikia and the Wikimedia Brasil chapter.

As I mentioned in Germany, the free knowledge and collaboration movement in Brazil is getting stronger and stronger. Our group of volunteers is also doing a very good job promoting the concept and attracting new people to build a global knowledge society together with Wikimedia. As a consequence, a bunch of new wikis are emerging. Some of them are born after a lot of exchange at meta-wiki and/or the chapter's mailing-list. Eventually they are created at Wikia or they register a domain and host mediawiki themselves.

The challenge is that they cannot get all the support they need from the volunteers when they are too "far" from the wikimedia environment (being at wikia or an independent domain is considered to be too far). We believe that many more wikis would emerge and become stronger and more sustainable if the Brazilian chapter could incubate for a certain period all the new initiatives with common values and principles. The volunteers would nurture them by sharing the philosophy and helping them develop content. These new wikis would have to look for a new "provider" only after they get to a certain size.

Maybe one out of a thousand incubated wikis could become a new project for the Wikimedia Foundation, but for sure the vast majority of wikis would grow and become independent, after the incubation period.

Wikia could host and provide ad-free media-wiki (version used at WikipediA without Wikia logo) to new wikis in Brazil and incubate them for a certain time (meaning size). Wikimedia Brasil would promote this "service" and provide the support they need to born, develop initial content and attract volunteers. After reaching the size-limit, wikis could choose to be transferred to Wikia or any other "provider".

Some volunteers already considered developing the infra-structure with media-wiki themselves, or using a similar service provided by Wikispaces (Private Label Premium - http://www.wikispaces.com/site/pricing). I believe this collaboration with Wikia would be a win-win situation. What do you think?

abraços, Thomas TSB 13:24, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Resposta recebida em 18/Maio/09


Sorry for not replying sooner. Offering ad-free wikis at Wikia is something that we are currently researching. However, as this would be a premium service, it would not be very cheap, so perhaps not suited to very small wikis that are only being incubated. Unless lots of wikis would share one site (like they do at incubator.wikimedia.org). Do you think that would work? If so, I can see if I can get someone to set something up at Wikia without ads. Do you think the "spotlights" that we have on Wikia would be acceptable? These are internal cross-promotions of other Wikia sites.

TSB 10h27min de 29 de junho de 2010 (UTC)Responder

ad hoc


Não estou vendo porque o site da WMBr não poderia ser uma espécie de encubadora, posto que o modelo wiki é uma rede de páginas web que se ligam aleatoriamente. Preciosismo de que não concorda ou forçação de barra de quem propõe? Néviomande-me uma mensagem 19h02min de 2 de julho de 2010 (UTC)Responder

É a segunda opção mesmo. -- @lestaty discuţie 03h07min de 3 de julho de 2010 (UTC)Responder
Obrigado pelo feed-back, buscarei outro caminho. Se o Sir puder elaborar um pouco sobre isso, ficarei agradecido. Abraço Néviomande-me uma mensagem 20h51min de 3 de julho de 2010 (UTC)Responder