Strategic Committee of the WMB's MOOC Wikimedia for Educators

Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil
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Esta página é uma versão traduzida da página Comitê Estratégico do MOOC Wikimedia para Educadores WMB. Sua tradução está 100% completa.

Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) created this Strategic Committee at the beginning of 2023 to monitor, guide and supervise the creation of a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) aimed at educators and those interested in the educational uses of Wikimedia projects on Wikiversity.

Periodic meetings will be held, every three or four weeks, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes to present to the Committee the course content and design proposal. The meetings are closed and in Portuguese, with simultaneous translation into English, and include the participation of members of the Strategic Committee and the WMB team.

The expectation is that the members of the Committee contribute, within the possibilities of each one, with the orientation, review and approval of the content and structure of the MOOC. Participation in the committee involves a dedication of 10 hours approximately in total.

Objectives of the course "Wikimedia for Educators"

The objective of the course "Wikimedia for Educators" is to present, in a condensed and simplified way, the information that educators need to start using Wikimedia projects with their students.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Have ideas for activities to develop with their students in education, research and extension;
  • Basic editing of four Wikimedia projects – Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikiversity;
  • Build their own education programs, both in education and in extension;
  • Find advanced information about the Wikimedia Projects that interest them;
  • Ask for funding to develop their education programs.

This course does not intend to replace existing materials, nor to delve into specific and advanced details of the Wikimedia Projects covered. Our proposal is to facilitate the initiation of educators interested in the Wikimedia universe, including by gathering and systematizing existing content.

Contents of the course "Wikimedia for Educators"

The content of the MOOC will be mainly produced by the Wiki Movimento Brasil Education Manager, Amanda Jurno, under the supervision of the Strategic Committee. Throughout the process, professionals and experienced Wikimedians will be invited to write specific topics of content. This content will be written in parts, based on a pre-established schedule.

The course is divided into six modules, each of which is divided into classes. Below, we systematize the summary with the title of each of the modules and classes. It is worth mentioning that this content is under construction and may change according to the decision made with the Strategic Committee.

Strategic Committee

The committee is organized by Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB), a non-profit Brazilian association, the only Brazilian affiliate recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), which acts in the activation, coordination and social transformation in favor of open knowledge. Founded in 2013, the WMB seeks, among other objectives: to expand, qualify and diversify the content and the community in Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia; and to support the work of social organizations in the open knowledge ecosystem.

The objective of the Strategic Committee is to ensure that the course "Wikimedia for Educators" meets the demands of the community and covers the necessary topics to fulfill our objectives.

At each meeting, the WMB team presents part of the content and its respective structure for consideration and approval by the Strategic Committee. When changes and revisions are requested, the revised content will be presented at the next meeting. Committee members will vote for the approval of each of the parts.

The course is meant to be finished by June 2023.


  • Adriane Batata - Wiki Movimento Brasil
  • Bukola James - Wikimedia Nigeria and Certified Trainer on the Wikimedia Education Team
  • Felipe Lima - Wiki Movimento Brasil
  • Flávia Varella - Project "More Theory of History on Wiki"
  • LiAnna Davis - Wikipedia & Education
  • Luisina Ferrante - Wikimedia Argentina
  • Sofia Matias - Wikimedia Portugal



  • Lucas Belo - Project Assistent (Wiki Movimento Brasil)

Questions and more information:

Documentation about the process

The WMB will carefully document the process, which may eventually be useful for other organizations that work with the same objective in other contexts. It is worth mentioning that, although this is a project focused on Brazil and written in Portuguese, it can be useful in other contexts. Because it is an onwiki project, with a free license and open to the community, people from all over the world can take ownership of this content and format and adapt them to their realities and/or to other themes.

Wiki Movimento Brasil Strategy 2023-2025

In November 2022, we published our strategic manifesto for 2023-2025. This document defines and guides the actions of Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) for the coming years, focusing on activation, coordination and social transformation in favor of open knowledge.

The document indicates five main strategic axes and, among them, those most aligned with the Education area are:

  • Coordinate the Brazilian Wikimedia agencies; and
  • Foster and diversify partnerships for open knowledge in Brazil.

Important dates

  • February 23, 2023 - 3 pm (UTC-3) - First meeting.
  • March 23, 2023 - 2 pm (UTC-3)- Second meeting.
  • April 27, 2023 - 1 pm (UTC-3) - Third meeting.
  • June 22, 2023 - 1:30 pm (UTC-3) - Fourth meeting.

Friendly Space

The committee is organized by the Wiki Movement Brazil and, therefore, adherence to the friendly space politics is required.