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On August 5, 2011, during Wikimania 2011, on Haifa, Israel, a meeting between Wikimedia Brasil and Wikimedia Foundation was held. The meeting, which was also attended by representatives of Wikimedia Portugal and Wikimedia Argentina, provided a discussion about the ongoing Wikimedia Projects in Brazil and the interaction between the future WMF office in the country and the local chapter.

The understanding of Brazilian members along the meeting was that:

  1. Brazil is a strategic priority for Wikimedia Foundation.
  2. Wikimedia Foundation will set up a office in Brazil in order to stimulate the development of projects to increase the penetration of Wikipedia in Brazil. This process was already launched with the search for locations, hiring lawyers and the search for a professional to manage it.
  3. Wikimedia Foundation understands that the Brazilian community and, thus, the chapter under formation still doesn't have the capacity to be completely self-managed.
  4. Wikimedia Foundation aims to develop the existing programs in Brazil, like "Campus Ambassadors", though it still doesn't have a specific development program for Brazil.
  5. Wikimedia Foundation wants to conduct researches about the lusophone community.
  6. Wikimedia Foundation already has liaisons with Brazilian organizations, like "Positivo".
  7. The members of the Brazilian community want to colaborate with Wikimedia Foundation.
  8. The members of the legal chapter under formation are afraid of losing the legitimacy of the local community among society after the establishment of the WMF office. Wikimedia Brasil has apprehension of not having control over what was raised locally, and of the loss of sources of revenue due to internal competition.

Based on this understanding, participant members of the Brazilian community decided to:

  1. Support the creation of Wikimedia Foundation office in Brazil which, as explained at the meeting, will have the goal of fostering the realization of partnerships and events with the community and the external audiences, provisionally and until the local chapter and even the local chapter have enough structure to develop such activities directly.
  2. Suggest that the office maintains goals to work for the development of the local community and not only fundraising or the realization of business agreements.
  3. Recommend to Wikimedia Foundation that its activites in Brazil are achieved with maximum transparency and envolvement of Wikimedia Brasil, allowing the local volunteers to participate at the various stages of ongoing projects and also in those that will be launched at the country.
  4. Recommend to Wikimedia Foundation that its goals and existing plans to Brazil are shared with Wikimedia Brasil.
  5. Recommend to Wikimedia Foundation to orientate its projects, partnerships and possible proposals of interested sponsors to the local chapter, giving some opportunity to Wikimedia Brasil.
  6. Propose the creation of a tatical planning for Brazil, based on Wikimedia's strategic planning, with the participation of WMF office and Wikimedia Brasil for the construction of a development program to Brazil.
  7. Propose to Wikimedia Foundation to make room available in its WMF office directorship, provided by statue, for a chosen Wikimedia Brasil representative, consequently, chosen by the local community. Or, that the Wikimedia Foundation enjoy the legal chapter structure of Wikimedia Brasil to seek its goals; We want to offer the position of one director on our legal chapter, provided by statue, to Wikimedia Foundation.
  8. Assist the establishment of the office with the volunteer participation of Wikimedia Brasil in activities of organization and achievement of knowledge inherent to local peculiarities, such as: contracting services, choice of location and understanding of the legislation.
  9. Assist in the construction of a portfolio of activities and in the resources search to achieve the same.
  10. Suggest to Wikimedia Foundation to stimulate the existing activites of Wikimedia Brasil and possibly the model of "Mutirões".