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The event will be organized by teams made of indivuduals from Wikimedia Brasil and the incubating chapter of Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil (see Hence, it's not a formal organization.

Grant contact name
Jonas Xavier and Everton Zanella Alvarenga (should we choose only one?)
Grant contact username or email
Jonas AGX and everton137
Grant contact title (position)
Project coordinators
Jonas and Tom
Project coordinators usernames or emails
Jonas and everton137
Project coordinators titles (positions), if any
both volunteers for Wikimedia Brasil and Tom is a community coordinator for Open Knowledge Foundation in Brazil
Full project name
Balaio Hacker
Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)
Provisional target start date
Late May (we need plan the size of the event. If it's too big, it's not possible to make in 1,5 month)
Provisional completion date
Early June

Budget breakdown[editar]

(O que significa esse eakdown? Colocando algumas coisas que devem entrar no orçamento)

  • travel (how many people are we brings? from which places? preferably from nearby regions and conditions to bring people from more distant places of the country)
  • production (how is "produção" in English?)
  • infra-structure (if the place of the event isn't enough, like a good wi-fi connection for the number of attendees)
  • outrreaching the event
    • folders
    • pamphlets
    • stickers
    • banners
  • some food (if we decide and see the necessity of havint it, preferably local food prepared by locals)
  • something else?

Project goal[editar]

By(?) doing this event, we expect stabilish a new style of hacker-like event in Brazil, mixing academics and commercial experience to popular problems like digital culture sharing, creation and improvement of niches related to regional activities. Improve activities related to the third sector (not for profit organizations) by engaging new volunteers for wiki and community driven activities.

We are going to achieve these goals doing hackathons like events, lectures and regional presentations. That will be a very important aspect of our event, adapting this first Balaio Hacker to the region where it's going to happen, Recife, in the northeast of the country and far from the tradition axle Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo, where things are usually concentrated. Although some trials in the southeast region of the country, Brazil is still not familiar with the culture of athons-like events, then this one will decrease the gap, trying to expand in a more forgotten region of the country and aiming to serve as inspiration to happen in other regions of the country. We are inviting college students, IT professionals from the indrustry and the government, and nearby cultural organizations.

Expand projects related to Open Data, semantic web and others open source ideas launched by Wikimedia or other groups. Some ideas here: Wikimedia GitHub page, Gitorious' Wikpedia category and Wikidata.

(We need include a more OKFn taste here thinking about regional projects, such as open spending and how to transofrm raw data into human readable information.)

Project scope and list of activities[editar]

Like described above we are planing workshops, lectures and cultural presentations for 2 or 3 days (it's not decided yet).

  • How many lectures can we reach? Do we already have people interested? Maybe this is a first step to try to have an estimative on the actual number of people we will have. Usually events are outreached in advance (see for instance OKFestival with its call for proposals) inviting people with the event format already in mind. People won't appear from nowhere. We need advertising and have in mind focused goals - less is more. For instance, we need propose specific projects to work on during this hackthons. --Everton137 (discussão) 17h30min de 13 de abril de 2012 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Non-financial requirements[editar]

  • enough volunteers for the amount of work we will need and the size of the event we are doing. Without enough volunteers, it doesn't make sense in asking for money

Fit to strategy[editar]

Other benefits[editar]

Measures of success[editar]

Considering the goals, our sense of success is:

  • Expand the open source community at Recife to areas like Open Data, Knowledge access tools.
  • Make lectures with experts in the areas listed above, with many participants.

Team members (optional)[editar]

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